Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The longest ride of our Camino is complete

We got off to a group ride out of Astorga, our destination ...Villafranca el Bierzo, almost 80 k away. a few nasty hills but some great downhill runs, some of us took the single tothers prion aka the walkers path, others took to the road. Whatever your pick ... fun was had by all. I had a little interaction with a rocky bank on the trail ... The price one pays for speeding. Heard a few other little flop overs ... Nothing major though. Scenery ... Where are the picture takers eh! When we get a chance I will get them from others and fill them into previous blogs.

Tomorrow, but over a mountain, but only 25 k day! So we are sleeping in an extra hour.

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  1. Hi guys. We are only a 15 minute cab ride away from you. We were just where you are a few hours ago. We ate at your next hotel awaiting you all. Great job picking this hotel Lynne. We love it!
    Patti & Mark xo
    ps: we are loving our holiday!!