Monday, 9 September 2013

Past the half way point - Leon

Well we all have survived, albeit with a few cuts and bruises ... And one short hospital visit. Finished a fairly easy 65 k today into Leon. fun riding up into such a busy city centre. Lyn has us in another great hotel, NH Plaza Mayor.

We did stop and take a few pictures today! Same as yesterday wide open spaces ...

Passed a silly Aussie walking in bare feet! Doug talked to him a bit, seems the poor fool lost his shoes in Pamplona before he started walking and decided not to buy any more.... Whatever ... Think he does it for attention!

We departed by 8 which was great as the sun rose up behind us, also meant we got to Leon with the whole afternoon to explore ... Once showered and cleaned up we will head out for a little food and rehydration :)


  1. Looks like you are all having a wonderful time! I love the pictures of the sheep and the sunflowers!

    1. Hello fellow PowTown Pilgrims! We arrived in Barcelona this morning and are having a fabulous time. We rented bicycles and cruised all over. We had fantastic "zombie" drinks at the beach today. And......they should be as they were 12 euros each! We experienced a great market and then had Tapas and ginormous beers! You probably all remember A&W's largest glass of root beer you could order? Well, it was bigger!! Haha! We will see ya in a few days! Patti