Sunday, 1 September 2013

OMG ... That was tough

OMG ... That was a tough day! A few of us choose to ride from Saint Palais ... 30 k from our "starting point" of Saint Jean pied du port. Tougher than I thought it would be. A few hike a bike moments, I think even the Gray Fox would of had to hike a bike !

Total ride today 55 k, up over 1250 meters ... Picture please! Yes those that took picture should add some eh!

Funniest moments for me ... Had our own little Canada Day moment. fran and I came across a pile of Canadians, almost every province was represented. Easy to spot the Canadians ... They were drinking wine at one of the peaks! Crazy Canucks rule again!

Downhill was the scariest for me! Couldn't come to a stop ... Skidded for ages.

Oh beer has rarely tasted so good! A shower has rarely felt so good.

Good job done by everyone ... No wimp outs by anyone !

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