Monday, 2 September 2013

Rocks in my arm!!!

"I'm sorry to say so
But sadly, it's true
That Bang-ups
and Hang-ups 
can happen to you" ~Dr. Suess

Roncesvalles to Pamplona -43km
790km to Santiago.....

Another beauty day from Sunny Spain.
On the Camino by 8am.. Lots of great trail riding, and some not so good!!! All of us pushing bikes up steep rocky hills again.. And then the downhill, steep and rocky as well... Was doing pretty good then hit some real rocky sloppy spot and couldn't stay on my bike. Road rash, and a few bruises, plus bruised ego... There was a creek there, so was able to soak my arm and foot. Three walking pilgrims stopped there, of course I was feeling embarrassed, they were telling me all about there blisters and broken toe-nails!!! Plus all the other wipe outs they had seen along the way, so felt a little better. When I got up to leave one of them holds up the most perfect Heart was right beside me in the creek. Then wishes me luck on the Camino.. ... It will be a "buon Camino"

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  1. So sorry for your wipe out. It wouldn't be a bike ride if you didn't have a crash now would it? Haha! I want pictures for evidence.
    Gorgeous heart rock! That will bring you luck for the rest of your trip for sure. Can't wait to see ya all and hear all your stories.