Friday, 6 September 2013

75 k day

Just finished day 6, and it was our longest one yet 75 k, 4.5 hours in the saddle, with an average speed of 16.7. Tonight we stay in Burgos by far our biggest city we have come to on the Camino.

It has been interesting to note the walkers I pass in the morning , that I previously saw at the end of the previous day. There is one couple that is riding and seem to be doing the same distances as us, as we have passed them each day. The numbers of walkers and riders has been above my expectations. Spoke last night with a couple walkers; and Irish man named Greg is walking his second Camino at 72, his first was at 70. He reported that the last 100 k are the most packed, and he may skip it altogether !

Our ride today had some amazing sections, couple nasty hills,
but you forget those when the downhill last as long in time ! Notice the village in the valley ? Look close ! Yup our trail came up from there ... Nasty ... 

We were flying down a gentle slope ... Those poor walkers having to put up with us zipping by. Going to fast to stop for many pictures ...

This picture was out last summit for today 

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  1. Just looking at your blog for the first time today. What a great way to share your journey with the rest of us. Sounds like a great trip so far (except for the bruises)