Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rolling along ... Bowling on the Camino

Wow what a day ... Just rolling along through vineyards and old towns ... Just awesome. This has been our easiest day, and from comments I hear, our easiest most enjoyable day! Awesome to have before a nightmare day ... Tomorrow we ride almost 70 k, with a significant climb in the middle! Oh our wonderful day today which was stunning blue skies ... Just like our Canadian foothills, early evening the thunder has come, with a forecast of rain tomorrow ! great ... Just great ... Wet cobble stones in the towns, and sloppy dirt rodes. On the bright side, maybe the walkers will take a break and stay off the trails.

Quite funny to see everyone scatter for shelter from the rain ... Leslie and I walk about, find some great wine, stop in a few cool shops. A few other Powton Pilgrims are also helping the local economy! Way to go team.

Ran into our first donkey on the trail ... Real ... A real donkey ... I learn later that this is this dudes fourth Camino with his "Burro" ... Whatever, donkey, ass, burro ... They all look the same .

I'm I'm danger of catching the Gray Fox in the flat department ... 3 to his 6 ... We have given up patching tires ... Javier purchased 10 spare tubes for 12 euro! Man things are cheap in some of these small towns/cities. Had a little snack after the ride ... Two pizzas, seven glasses of wine, one beer, and a plate of pasta ... 32 euro.

Bowling ... Yup almost got my first pilgrim pin today, dumb ass walker not hearing a repeated dingle of my bike bell, decides at the last moment "hears" me ... Gets startled and makes a quick shift to the left ... Right in front of me. I should have bowled her over ... But that is not the Camino thing to do... Skid to a halt at her heals instead.

Tomorrow we roll a long long way ... Hopefully it's not a mud bath of excitement!

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  1. Looks awesome guys, but did Rene drink all that wine on his own, he's obviously taking it too easy ;) good luck for the grind tomorrow! Tam, con & Joel