Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hammering down the Kim's

Hola from the Camino,
Today we are in Herrerias, literally a one horse town!!!Small and cute, the weather is spectacular, a short little ride today,drinking vino tinto, life is good!
Last time I blogged we were in Sahugun, 205kms ago, and 4 sleeps ago....Patti and Mark arrived today, full of piss and vinegar to ride the last150km with us!! 
Last night we were in Villafranca, things got a little crazy with a few of us PowTowns and a couple from CowTown...drinking and carrying on..And then SpiderMan.. Climbing up sides of buildings, stealing cycling jerseys!!!! Thank god it was a short ride, and a sleep in.. 
Hard to believe we will be in Santiago in 3 days!!We are all doing great and feel stronger every day.. 
Tonight we are celebrating Mark and Margie's 32nd anniversary.. Hopefully thing don't go sideways...
Last night I lost all my pics from my iPhone!!! Camera plus crashed on me! So will post what I have later

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