Monday, 2 September 2013

Rocks in our Heads!!!!!

Hola from Sunny Spain.....
Sorry I never blogged yesterday.... It was a love, hate relationship kind of day with the Pyrenees.
Loved how beautifully spectacular they are. It was like being On top of the world, and we were!!! Pedalling up the thru the most lush farmland, having to stop cos of all the sheep blocking the road. Cow bells ringing in the distant, the list goes on and on.
What I hated was nothing could have prepared us for how friggin steep they were!! They just went up and up and up...we were pushing our bikes up paths that I don't think are rideable at all.. Steep, rocks like you never seen before... I don't think it would be a problem pushing my bike up Scout Mt. When I get home. Lol..... But in saying that it was an amazing day..In fact Doug asked Mark Gray, aka Grey Fox, what training we could have done in P.R.and he said riding up Tin Hat Mt.!!!!!! 

Ain't life great

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