Sunday, 8 September 2013

Oh can it drag on any more

Yikes that was a flat boring day ... 66k flat most of the way ... Like riding in Saskatchewan ... I felt for the walkers ... No shelter / shade for ages .... Gar just read me tomorrow's route ... even worse Yikes ... So today i didn't to take pictures ... Linda took a few worthwhile ... Maybe she would share them ...

Straw fields and sunflowers ... And sad sad looking sunflowers ... 

So yeh Jane in "what the pyshic told the pilgrim " talk about these long drawn out days . At least we were done before 1pm.

Our accommodation tonight is about 10k from sahanugan . Neat old estate ... 


  1. You Canadians can't handle the heat eh!!!

  2. ? Heat? Nope it was a chilly start to the day, didn't get the warm layers off for a couple hours, but at the pace we are reported to be going at ... Might need to add a few layers tomorrow! The Gray Fox is running free up front ... Dust storms are sure to be seen as he zips along ... I choose to stay back so as to give the dust time to settle !