Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Looking for "the Way"

Day two and three were a bit different for me, missing two of my sidekick ... Sitting out do too a little bad interaction with some nuts, and some bad intact ion with rocks. So I spent the day looking for spots along our Camino that were in the movie " The Way " I have seen the movie enough times that I pretty well have it memorized. I will inject some pictures when they get shared with me. Fran, Doug and I took some pictures which is in the movie. If you have watched it, it's where the Dutch dude compares his waist line to the metal sculptures of pilgrims. the movie leaves out from that part of the movie the amazing view from that high point.

Day three was an awesome ride, but hot, glad it ended in Estella. Nothing exciting going on at night, well I did get a haircut!

There are hundreds of pilgrims to be passed each day, which I try and do politely, give a little dingle of the bell long before them, and than again a little closer .... Err $&$@&&$&$, some still don't get the hint. Took a little flop onto some fairly soft bushes because of one, just a few thorns to pluck out.

On day four, Estella to Lograno, a learn going wide doesn't always work, berry bush branch got me, had to ride one handed while I pressed a towel against the arm till the bleeding stopped! Flats ... Thanks again to some slow ass pilgrims not hearing the ding of my bell, I choose a little off trail adventure to pass, only to pick up some thorn balls ... Dont realize that till a little pavement and hear some wierd tire noise, and sure enough I have to pick these thorn balls off my tires. Yup have a rear tire flat. Fix the first hole, check again, there is another, patch it, find another ... Four in one tire. ERRRR $&&)&$(&$@)$&(', get that fixed, flip bike back over, front is flat... So what would have been a great quick ride, slowed me down by at least a hour. Thanks to Gar and Mark coming along with a spare tire ... I get back riding finally. Mark is an expert at tire fixing ... He's had five so far 

So back to finding The Way along our Camino, all the towns mentioned in The Way we pass through, and a couple times we are riding along some rolling hill and it's sort of like the movie, but SO SO much more. amazing scenery, even pictures don't do it justice. Way to limiting. You just have to come do it yourself. Walking must be nuts, way to slow ... While riding is faster don't be fooled into thinking its easier, I notice I have have more sweat pouring off me at little cafe pits tops than the walkers around me. Lots clearly suffereing with sore feet along the trail !

Little pits stops are awesome, and cheap. Cafe con leche, fresh orange juices, little buns ... Great deals.
But some towns are like ghost towns, nothing open ... Move on to the next one ... Cliff Bars or a GU carry me on.


  1. Hola powtown pilgrims! Great stories! Great pics! Keep 'Em coming. Hey 50, thought you were a horny guy; not a thorny guy! Getting excited now. Buen camino!

  2. Wow! This looks so amazing!! Thank you for the pictures. I recognize spots from "The Way" for sure. We are going to watch it one more time. We are really excited to join you guys. Too bad for Leslie having a reaction to nuts. Was it Linda you interacted with the rocks? Hope the girls indulged their sorrows in gulping back gallons of wine! How's the weather been? Is it shorts or pants I need to pack?
    Love Patti xo