Monday, 16 September 2013

Some interesting pictures

A Templar Knight castle !

Morning bike prep

Tourist stop

A high point on a day ... Meaning nasty hill ... Stopping for a rest

Linda found another cool character along the way

The girls chatting up some Spanish guy .. Oh right our guide/driver Javier

Just in case you needed directions

Killing time waiting 

Found a fun option in the camera ... Takes years off me !

A interesting canal we crossed over

Ain't they cute together ! Coming up on 32 years ...

Powtown peloton 

Powtown power boys ! I'm sure we were not thinking "so how far back are the women folk now" 

Nope not us ! Some other crazies swimming in another canal we crossed 

Had views like this over and over ... Price was always worth it (aka hill climb)

The final stop ! 


  1. Awesome pics Rene! Thanks for the vino and dropping off our stuff. Just finished touring Porto. Very cool town. Hope your connections went good and bienvenue France.

  2. Cool pics! Will be moose hunting when you get back! Hope you all had a great trip :) L