Saturday, 14 September 2013

Almost there! And it's getting crowded

Ok, feeling done today. 55k's almost four hours of riding ... Done with hills ... Who invented the darn things? I know I have seen bulldozers around, flatten some of these hills already ...

Stopped in Melide, about 45 k from Santiago. By the end of the day, just wan the ride to be over, generally means trying to speed up , but really get slower.

Crowded traile, definitely notice more walkers, some clearly hurting, bandages on knees, or looking like they have very very sore feet. Some look to fresh to have walked for long, as we are within 100 k, I bet that is all some are doing. Really though, do you have to walk three or four abreast blocking the trail? Oh even worse, one little section no one was on the trail besides the road, which looked perfectly nice to walk or ride on ... But nope they were four wide on the road. Just happened to be on a downhill ... Didn't quite create enough of a wind blast to blow off their hats when I zipped by.

Today was some very enjoyable and small towns. Interesting speed control methods used by some.

Those that stick to the highways miss many of the interesting little things you see along the trails, and the smells! Which can be quite bad, some are just down right outrageously horrible. Always makes me thing of the little Thai villages Leslie and I have been in, sleeping over the cows, pigs and chickens ... Amazing how little those ones smelled, but not here in Spain ... Yuck

Over 800 k complete and no casualties! Yeh ... Everyone is still riding.

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