Saturday, 14 September 2013

Friday the 13th postmortem

Forgot all about it being Friday the 13th until the silly old man tried to run me over on the highway. We generally ... Over 90 % of the time ... Stay on the trails.

Fridays ride was a tough one, started with a climb of over 700m, in 9.2 k winding us up and out of a valley where we had stayed the night before. The rest of our Friday was another 45k mostly downhill.

Stayed outside of Sarria, along the pilgrim trail at a "hostel" but more upscale than the standard ones. Been hearing stories of bedbugs in the pilgrim Albergue's/Refugeos. Glad we went with the better accomodations.

Regular rehydration and refueling night ... Probably not the best tactic for surviving the Camino, butheh only two more days of rising.

The lightening Peddler, and his partner the Paradise peddler joined in the fun today! Great having them along.

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