Saturday, 7 September 2013

Just a little late on the Bloggin

Pamplona to Estella.. 46km
Ok, so cannot lie!! I did not ride that, due to "Bang-ups"...
Estella to Fromista.. 237km. I rode that, even with new "bang-ups"....

It has been a long 3 days... Peddling, pushing, panting, cursing, sweating, but loving every minute of it!! Yes a lot of it has been hard, but then those moments of pure joy come upon you, like riding thru fields of sunflowers, some even smiling at you, and you smile back, even tho u really want to say "buen #¥€£ Camino" cos a big mother hill is upon you once more!!!!!
The scenery is out of this world. The old abandoned and some lived in villages we ride thru are lovely, and unless you are doing this Camino, would never see them.
The weather has been on our side too. This morn. tho, leaving Burgos was nasty!! Pouring, first time so far, so we all geared up, most of us not knowing how to layer properly, but within the hour, the skies cleared and left us with perfect temp. for rest of day.

"What doesn't kill us makes us stronger"

Random shots from Spain

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