Sunday, 8 September 2013

Don't listen to Rene...

Yes it was a long boring day on the Camino.... But... It wasn't as bad as he makes it sound!!!
If he would only slow down and take in the moment!! Wide open spaces, makes me think of Dixie Chicks.. Have never ridden thru the prairies, driven thru some parts of Alberta tho, and have always admired it with an open mind!!
Only took a few pics today , cos we seemed to be at a Tasmanian devil pace.. Of course I was lagging in the rear, but that is why I'm the only one with a few pics..
I even found a Spanish Nono, who is so adorable, helped us find our hotel, and 2hrs later he is here having tea, while the locals are playing cards and having drinks. We are 10km out of the main town in a tiny village ... Life is Beautiful...

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  1. Ok ... I didn't see the sheep, but I sure smelt them. And it wasn't a Tasmania devil pace ... The gray fox was at the back today. We stopped for TWO cafe lattes! And one for beer and pizza !