Saturday, 17 August 2013

Peddle pigrims were almost walking

We are Riding ! It has been an interesting few days, making sure our rental bikes are going to show up on Aug 31 st. It was decided quite early on that renting bikes would be a better alternative to bringing our own. Especially since we found a company that would deliver them to our starting point, and pick them up in Santiago ... a great option since it meant we didnt have to worry about transporting the bikes around with us before and after our days riding. We will reserve commenting more about the rental company until the bikes do show up and we finish our ride.

Our Camino plan ... the bike rental company had offered us a support vehicle but could only take two passangers if any one ever needed some time off the bike. We opted to find a rental van that could take more passangers, and to be available to be used after a days ride to taxi people about if desired. We have also found a local Spaniard ... Javier ... to come along and be our driver, as well as a translator / tour guide ... well quite an easy tour guide job ... Lyn booked all our hotels along the way ... we arranged the bikes, and the rental van. Javier gets to drive the van with all our luggage from town to town and be available as we make our way along the Camino.

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