Sunday, 25 August 2013

Look out Spain ... The Canadian Powton Peddle Pilgrims are on their way

The journey to Spain to ride the Camino for many of us has begone. All the training ... The sheding of pounds ... All wasted in our finals days saying good bye to family and friends. To much beer, wine and food and not enough time in the saddle, well all except the Gray Fox ... Who rode 130 k to get to Vancouver for his flight out.

Our paths start from many places, our journeys will vary, our destination the same ... Saint Palais, France, just a few k down the road from St Jean Pied du Port, the more official " start " to the Camino. Our first stop is Barcelona to hang out, get over jet lag, get our rental van, our guide Javier, our iPhone sim cards and than make drive a few hundred k to Saint Palais.

Wager on lost luggage? We have our usual long vacation backpacks ... Full of our travel clothes, I doubt we will wear it all. One extra duffle bag .. Yes that costs you more to check in , ours was an extra $60 when prebooked. The duffle bag has all our riding gear; Riding clothes, bike seats, helmets, clip in peddles and riding shoes, plus our nutrician supplements. After the ride we hope to ship the duffle bag back to Canada so we don't have to haul it around for three weeks.

So look out Spain ... Here we come ... 14 Canucks about to tackle the Camino de Santiago de Compostela ... Plus two for the final few days (No way the camino could handle the lightning peddler(s) for 15 days)

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