Wednesday, 14 August 2013

In the Beggining ...

Camino de Santiago de Compostela awaits us. Us being 14 (+2 who join us for the last few days) from age 48 to over age 65 Canadians setting out on an adventure that just eight months ago, many of us had never heard of. Powtown, aka Powell River is home to half of us, the other half from other parts of western Canada. You will get know us all over our journey. We are starting our ride in Saint Palais, France. Our path, is known as the French Way, taking us over the pyrenees near Saint Jean Pied du Port. Our first night will be near Roncevalles ... than Pamplona and all the way to Santiago ... 800+ kilometers! we will start riding September 1st, and we will reach Santiago on September 15th!

Our Preparation: Watched the movie The Way with Martin Sheen, we didnt get the idea from the movie, was just interesting to first learn there was a movie, and than we watched it over and over again to give us insight into what we have ahead of us. Also read "What the Psychic told the Pilgrim" by Jane Christmas. An awesome read! Makes us both laugh at her story, and go "Oh shit what are we getting ourselves into"

Yes we trained ... well I know many of us have. As Doug likes to call it ... some of the roads ... and trails we ride are a little "off flat" .

We had great hopes of doing lots of cool rides to prepare ... we have logged many kilometers just not quite the average of 50per day for 15days we face. Nor have we rode anything like the days we climb ... the worst being the start ... 1200 meters up over a 17 k stretch!

Have no fear, we have a support van arranged ... and a driver ... so those needing to take a break for a day ... or just cant get the full days ride in they will be rescued.

This is not a race, as we have heard repeatedly on some of our training rides.

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  1. Pilgrim Rene is our fearless leader
    Travel Advisor is his gun
    "Inspiration" he says, was the movie "the Way"
    Lookout Camino. The Canucks want some fun!

    And than we start peddling in rain,wind and snow
    Up and down tall mountains each day
    What motivates our leader
    We wonder out loud; of course...
    It's Fifty Shades of Grey!